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افتراضي New patch Client 2.59.1058, Server 853

Patch client 2.59.1058, server 853 is available now!

List of changes:

+ fortress protection time is now 24 hours

+ bug fixed that changed the fight message from fortress defense
to guild fight when using the "counterattack!" feature

+ bug fixed that affected fortress level 18

+ reduced the training duraction for archers and mages

+ added attack bonus to fortress attacks:

In addition to normal loot you also get a bonus now that is added by the game and not your target. If your fortress level is equal to the target's fortress level you get as many wood and stone as the target's huts produce in 1 hour. If your fortress level is higher by 1 you get what the target produces in 45 minutes. Higher by 2? You get what the target produces in 30 minutes. Higher by 3 - you get what it produces in 15 minutes.

Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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